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Hedwig Kohn


Hedwig Kohn

in Vietnamese Wikipedia

Length (bytes): 10554 (10.25%)
Number of references: 5 (3.01%)
Number of images (at least 5000 px2): 1 (8.33%)
Headers (1st & 2nd level): 9 (45%)
References / Length: 0.00047375402690923 (28.53%)

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1. Hedwig_Kohn (vi)

Presented points are based on comparison of characteristics of the article with a median of each relevant characteristics of the Featured Articles in Vietnamese Wikipedia. The table below shows those medians:

Characteristics Median*
Length (bytes) 102930
Number of references 166
Number of images (at least 5000 px2) 12
Headers (1st & 2nd level) 20
References / Length 0.0016605
* - Extraction and analysis the characteristics of Featured Articles in Vietnamese Wikipedia was performed in June 2023

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